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Why rack your brains? figuring which merchant is best for you.

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This service, is of great value, just think how many times you have switched credit card processing companies in the past 2 years? More then once right, also if by any chance you are not happy with the provider we matched you up with, we will do it again, for free, online payment systems, and other payment options are in abundant and its not easy to sort out, the good from the bad.
Let the professional at Merchant account® Do the work for you for free, MA® specialists do the research, our customers gets the best research for their business and location, best pricing, fast deposits and incredible customer service.

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Whats in it for us?

We get paid by our partners not by our users, so you get our service for free, plus you are guaranteed to find the best rates for your business from our team at Merchant account®.
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with our free quote you get a 10% discount { code } for 1 year, get my code.

The service we provide is one of a kind and of great value to people, up until now people use to spend hours and days calling websites and merchant services just to find out where to go but this information is not always relevant to your business because the people they call wants there business so they are bias and cannot give a fair answer. But now all that is gone, we do all that and more, we recommend you with the merchant that is best for your business needs and volume.

And because you came through us you get a major yearly discount and you are protected by our service, we already did all the research and investigation for you, so you know you are getting a reliable and matching merchant, if by any chance you are not happy, then no worries we will find you a new merchant in no time, and another point our merchant don’t hold you to a contract if you don’t want to so you can switch at any time just send us an email saying you need a new merchant account, it takes 2-3 days to set up a new account.
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