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Square merchant account is only good for a merchant that is Processing under $1500 a month in credit card transactions which would bring your total monthly charge with square to $41.25 and you have no monthly fees , if you process less than $1500 a month , square will still be good for you because of the flat rate of 2.75% and no monthly fees. Once you process over $1500 a month in transactions, Square is no longer the right fir for your business because you would end up paying too high a rate for a business that needs to grow and save money wherever you can and the savings would cover any monthly fees involved and end up saving you money on every transaction thereafter.

Pros & cons Square VS Merchant Account ®

There many benefits to square but pricing its one of them mostly its good for an occasional but if you are a volume business or planning to become one then we recommend that you look at the numbers and not the pretty pictures, 2.75% is hard to swallow period.

Swipe by MA® can offer rates on a swiped transaction which can be as low as 0.25% on a debit card and as low as 1.40% on a credit card. Other card types may have a slightly higher rate , but never as high as 2.75%. With square you are paying 2.75% no matter what card type you get even a debit card which is the lowest card rate at 0.25%. So square is charging you over 10 times more rate.
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One MUST also keep in mind that the 2.75% square is offering is ONLY good for swiped transactions, once you start keying in transactions Square can now cost you closer to 4%. So if you are keying in or not set up the correct way by a square merchant account you will pay a much higher rate as well as have added penalties to your account and possibly even get your funds frozen.
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Square has made life easy for merchants who do not wish to know what true fees are involved in processing credit cards and just give a merchant ease of mind in knowing that they will pay 2.75% and they do not need to figure anything out. A business needs to increase capitol in order to grow and processing under these high rates will need a re-evaluation sooner or later, now is a good time to re-evaluate and we at MA® can help you get what you need in order to save money, grow and move forward.
The swipers that square provides for free are very flimsy and cheap , they can destroy your phone as well as the credit card itself. The square swiper is a square device that attaches into the audio jack of you cell phone and can spin around, which does not provide a stable method of accepting cards , nor does it provide you with a good swiping method to protect your mobile device or the customer card.

MA® has free swipers that we can offer you which will provide protection and ease of use on any mobile device. Our swipers attach to your mobile device and stay in place without moving around to ensure stability and protection for both your mobile device as well as the credit card itself. MA® also has more elegant and higher end swipers that provide a POS Application on the back -end for complete optimization of sales for your business to work with.
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