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Why rack your brains? figuring which merchant is best for you.

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Let the professional at Merchant Account® Do the work for you for FREE, MA® specialists do the research, to get our customers the best credit card processor for their business.

Low Rates, Fast Deposits, Mobile, Accept credit card on the go, E-commerce and the highest standards in Customer Service.

Accept payments anywhere with mobile credit card processing.

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Crunching The Numbers

Our service is of great value to any business owner or a starting business, just think how many times you have switched credit card processing companies for their high rates in the past 2 years,

That is because no one willing to take the time to find out the what are the processing fees and do a comparison as far as rates service and flexibility. But We Do
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Whats in it for us?

We get paid by our partners not by our users, so you get our service for free, plus you are guaranteed to find the best rates for your business from our team at Merchant account®.

B2B payment processing services in Detroit

Merchant Account® makes it easy for your business customers to pay you. Our B2B merchant services provide thorough, robust reports that allows you to reconcile data across all payment channels.

Accept Level 2 and Level 3 card payments from B2B and government customers
Integrate payment processing solutions into your current accounting and business management software Protect your customer’s sensitive payment data by using Merchant Account®’s PCI Certified solutions

Business and corporate payment processing is different from consumer credit card processing. Level 2 and Level 3 processing requires B2B merchants to include additional information on each transaction processed.

Accepting credit cards from your iPhone or iPad

Accepting major credit cards from your iPhone or iPad is simple. All you need to do is download Merchant Account®’s partners with some of the best mobile payment apps, and card swipers, sell and refund from anywhere, anytime. Your wireless sales are protected with Merchant Account®’s P2PE, gateway tokenization and PCI-compliant technology.

Merchant Account payment security

Merchant Account® offers the highest level of data security in the payments industry. Our PCI compliant solutions feature point-to-point encryption (P2PE), tokenization, fraud filters, hosted payment pages and more.

Credit card payment processing for restaurants in Detroit

Merchant Account®’s simple and convenient restaurant programs allow you to focus on your business while increasing profits and improving service.

Transfer restaurant tabs, add gratuity and speed up checkout with an efficient, customized restaurant merchant account. Synchronize your payment processing with restaurant POS programs, such as Aldelo, Aloha, Squirrel, POS Value Exchange, Micros and many more.

Reduce the risk of credit card fraud by complying with PCI standards
Today’s diners not only expect versatile payment option that makes it easy to pay and tip with their credit/debit cards, applePay, Squareup, Paypal, AMX and so on. Versatile payment option keeps patrons coming back and reaches a wider audience. With Merchant Account® easy setup your restaurant merchant account software and equipment will allow your staff to focus on the business and customers without waisting time on compatibility issues.

Retail credit card processing solutions in Detroit

Merchant Account®’s retail credit card processing solutions allow merchants to offer flexible payment methods at the point of sale, including major credit cards, debit cards and ACH/eChecks.

Improve customer service with quick, safe, efficient checkouts and advanced credit card processing terminals that include EMV and Apple Pay/NFC payments. Save money with Merchant Account®’s low processing rates and free terminal program. Swipe credit cards securely by implementing PCI-compliant payment solutions.

Merchant Account® for small businesses in Detroit

Merchant Account® helps small businesses grow in a competitive market with a variety of flexible, convenient payment methods, from credit card processing to electronic checks.

Improve sales through secure debit and credit card processing
Manage a better business with mobile and wireless account access, online billing and seamless software integration. Rely on secure networks with Merchant Account®’s PCI DSS compliance.

Merchant Account® for websites in Detroit

More than ever before, consumers rely on the Web for shopping and making payments. They expect the experience to be convenient and secure. A Merchant Account® offers your website business.

An e-commerce payment gateway for accepting credit, debit and ACH payments
Integration with shopping carts and e-commerce platforms. Secure hosted payment forms as an alternative to shopping carts. Innovative payment acceptance with Apple Pay, PayPal ,Squareup amazon, plus an encrypted JavaScript technology.